WAVE ebbs, what's next

OK, so I've been doing all of my real Blogging (not often enough) at with the IEEE Computer Society President's Blog ... but my ability to do that ends in December 2010, so I will need to revitalize this channel if I'm going to have a related voice over time.

In the window of time from my last post to now, I note, with some sorrow, that WAVE has passed. The two things I found it did well, and it leaves a gap to my awareness are:
1. Concurrent meeting minutes ... a few folks in the same meeting sharing their minutes as the meeting proceeds - I tried this with a few associates, and found it provided an additional element of insight to the meeting. Twitter here is not the same since there is no treading, and limited text.

2. Maintaining a shared travel schedule ... so folks who need to know where and when I'm going can see that, and at the same time folks who have input can queue up those things. In theory this is a variation on a special purpose calendar, but there is value in having no "dates" listed where there is no travel involved.

So... More to come in this Blog in the future as I lose my bully pulpit.

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